About Us

Jayli's Runway - Our Story
A mother, a dressmaker, established an online boutique offering exclusively hand-picked apparel for her 16 year old daughter, an aspiring entrepreneur. The brand, Jayli’s Runway, named after the 16 year old young fashionista.
Jayli comes from a family of young entrepreneurs, artists, and small business owners. Ever since her childhood, she has expressed her creativity and fashion inventiveness through many forms. From using fabric scraps to kitchen napkins to create outfits for her Barbie dolls. Jayli’s love of fashion and clothing has sculpted into a profound form of self-expression.
Combining her daughter’s passion and creativeness, the mother founded this online store to give Jayli a platform where she's able to polish her skills, instilling professionalism and business understanding into her daughter from an early age. Jayli is currently indulged in active learning through formal fashion design classes.
What We Offer
Our shop offers unique pieces for all body types, all styles and all women that love to portray their fashion sense through clothing. All collections will be reflective of Jayli’s inspirations from her surroundings and her inclination towards textures, colors, vintage characteristics and blunt styles. Providing a fusion of classics and the latest fashion trends, the outfits will be catering to a wide range of clients seeking uniqueness and exclusivity.
What We Stand For
The store follows the inspiration of Jayli’s personal beliefs that stand for women empowerment and feminism. Promoting power to women in every aspect of life. She loves to encourage the women of today and see them win big in all aspects of life.
We strongly believe in making fashion accessible and affordable to all without compromising on quality and standards. We strive to deliver the most fashion-forward apparel to women of all ages and backgrounds.
Create your own RUNWAY.